Company profile - CkVision official website
      Shenzhen CkVision Machine Vision Technology Co., Ltd is one of the top Machine Vision software algorithm development companies, and also an excellent Machine Vision application solution supplier. In the embryonic stage of domestic Machine Vision, we were born, and we became the pioneer of the industry.           
      Mr. Yu, the founder of CkVision, once a senior technical engineer, had a strong interest in the early exposure to advanced Machine Vision technology, so he decided to establish a Chinese brand of Machine Vision, ckvision. In 2003, he started to set up a technical team to carry out image algorithm research and registered the company in 2005.
      With the unremitting efforts of the team, CkVisionSDK, the first high-performance Machine Vision development package in China, was successfully developed. It was widely used in different fields, and was praised and recognized by the majority of users. The software products successively launched filled the gaps in the relevant industries in China at that time.           
     The registered capital of the company at present is 5 + million, which is a national high-tech enterprise and Shenzhen double soft enterprise. We have a number of technical invention patents and dozens of software copyright. There is a complete Machine Vision laboratory and a professional project evaluation team in the headquarters.           
      We have been working hard. Our goal is to do our best in the field of Machine Vision and become the leader of the industry. We should make science and technology become more productive, benefit the society and create wealth. So we have not stopped the pace of technology update, with the best products, to provide customers with quality services.

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